Thank you for your ongoing support of this work. No one is looking to get rich here. This ministry runs purely on donations and as of now no one even receives a salary. But there are substantial expenses with this ministry. There is of course the expense of the website, development, maintenance and paying for all that goes with hosting and such. The office for this work is a motorhome RV that Lisa uses also as her residence and transport. Since she is communicating with victims in hiding, Lisa remains mobile so her contact with them is from static locations, lessening the danger that she could give away their locations by making herself too easy to find. This requires increased expense for RV maintenance, insurance, internet security and the use of a high gigabyte, truly unlimited, home style hot spot service. We are also seeking to make the RV as efficient and off grid as possible in prepper fashion and are exploring solar and wind options to keep fuel and electrical expenses down.

We believe in being good stewards of what the Lord provides. We understand the sacrifice some make to give and exercise accountability to a board for how donations are used. Our first request is always for prayer for this ministry and for those to whom we minister. But if you landed on this page, you must know that funding is a necessary part of any ministry. We appreciate your interest and hope you will consider adding us to your giving . If you would like to know more about how Advocate got started and what we do beyond what you’ve learned exploring the media areas of our site, be sure to read our About page.

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