For decades,  suffering souls have lived in silence, fear, and the accusation of not being believed.  Thankfully, the stigma of abuse has been mostly removed and children are more readily believed when they do get the courage to speak out.  We’ve come a long way in protecting the innocent from their physical, sexual, and emotional abusers.  They deserve our understanding, support, love and prayers.  On this site, we offer such to these victims. 

There is another form of abuse that has been used for generations by powerful individuals who view people as puppets for their dark agenda.   Their forms of abuse break the human spirit and psyche to create a programmed individual who will obey without question, conscience or remorse.  Their tactics have been adopted and fine tuned by generations of scientists, doctors, black ops interrogators and trainers.  But as much as their processes are dictated predominantly by science, this group has an occultic focus.  They incorporate spiritual abuse into their programming, attacking the individual’s self worth, purpose for being and qualifications for love from the God who is holy, which is everything they feel they are not.

SRAs (Survivors of Ritual Abuse) are a unique group of victims.  They’re raised to believe that the Master, in most cases, Lucifer, and in other local cases, the physically present cult leader, are the supreme power and source of truth.  Obedience is without question and the hope of ever leaving is destroyed through pain and having it drilled into them that “to leave is to die”.  They’re told they were chosen to be vessels of the Master’s plan, weapons for his army and hosts for his spiritual minions. 

Over the course of their childhood, these children are often buried in the ground, starved, sleep deprived, given hallucinogens, covered in blood, witnesses to murders committed in the name of “sacrifice” and even pulled through the birth canal of cows or other animals large enough to accommodate the child’s body at the time of the “birth ceremony”.  After years of such torment, the individual is often so broken, they become disassociated from their true self, developing what the mental health community has diagnosed as D.I.D.

 D.I.D. is Disassociative Identity Disorder.  Many call it MPD or multiple personality disorder, which has become a viable and recognized mental health diagnosis.  The child has become so broken by the heinous memories and experiences of their programming in the cult that they cannot accept them.  Their personality splits into the parts of them they were at such times.

For example, let’s say the human personality is like a plate, whole and well rounded.  Through the programming and abuse, the plate is broken, repeatedly.  Now the plate is a bunch of small pieces.  Each piece becomes a personality “Stuck” in the moment of their creation, i.e., the time the abuse, ritual or trauma occurred.  Each piece may have parts of the original personality or “Birth Person” and be able to recall common things like how to drive a car or do basic daily care things.  Others are small and young and present like children when they come forward or come “out” and control the body for a time.  But the younger ones won’t know how to do anything someone at the age of their creation didn’t know, like how to do the job the adult personalities do, or drive a car, etc.  And often, each piece of the plate, or personality, thinks they’re the whole plate.  Usually there will be only a few stronger or larger pieces that are out most of the time so the body can survive and function.  Sometimes the stronger ones will know of other personalities, but most of the smaller pieces only come out to take abuse, and may not be out the majority of the time.  One may take physical abuse and only come “Out” during physical confrontations.  Another may take sexual abuse, and hence comes out during those horrid acts.  Their time maneuvering in the physical world is limited, hence, their knowledge of the world and what’s true is also limited.  They do their job, then disappear into the “Potter’s Field” in their soul until the next time they’re needed.

It’s a dark, lonely, hopeless existence.  These souls have no idea of their worth.  They have forgotten what “Innocence” means, that is,  if they ever had a chance to know.  For the women, they know their life span is short.  Their usefulness is often tied to their looks or child-bearing abilities.  When age impacts either, they are tossed aside or given up as sacrifices.  Not even God can save them, they think, because by the time they consider leaving or what freedom would be like, they’re too entangled, monitored and spiritually enslaved to demonic forces who have preyed upon them that they function more as robots than people.

But God.  He is not moved, constrained or intimidated by the plans of evil men.  His love is unconditional and His grace, unending.  He goes in search of the one lost sheep.  He is The Light that dispels darkness.  He is the Waymaker.  When He orchestrates the countless details to lead one of these souls to Himself, no one can abort His plans.  As the lights of truth and decency are taken from the world, His Truth and Light are drawing those bound in darkness like moths to a flame.  He plucks them as firebrands from the flames and ministers wholeness and healing to them.  He washes them with the water of His Word, embraces them in their pain and hides them in the safety of the shadow of His wings.

The road to recovery for an SRA is long and hard.  Most who progressed to higher levels in their “cult” will have a price on their head from their old programmers.  They often have to hide from their abusers while going through their healing, which can take years.  During this time, the Lord allows their personalities to come forward, often for longer periods of time, so each part knows that life is more than just coming out to take pain or “do their job”.   As the traumas that created each personality are addressed and healing occurs in that area or from the events in that memory, the personality is no longer needed and integrates back into the larger pieces.  The anointing, Word, love and truth of God become the glue that brings the pieces back together.

Lisa Gwinn, the founder of this site, was such a one.  It took years for the Lord to bring her back to wholeness and thankfully, He brought others along side her to help.  Months and months of isolation and hard emotional and spiritual work often made her cry out for anyone else who shared her background and with whom she could identify.  But her defection occurred in 1990, when there were few who knew of or even believed in DID or SRAs.   She was blessed to have God place her with strong believers who knew how to disciple, counsel and minister to her.  Today, she does online counseling and video support with SRAs in hiding while going through their healing.  Advocate Ministries was created for that work.

This site contains many resources for SRAs and regular believers alike.  Here you will be believed.  Here you can find others who share your background and learn about books, music and teachings that can help you in your journey to freedom.  Here you can find referrals to other ministries, maybe some in your area, where you can find assistance.  It’s Lisa’s hope to eventually build this ministry and site to include not only data resources, forums and chats, but tangible assistance for daily living expenses, pairing survivors with mentors and helping relocate those who would more greatly benefit from the safety of distance from their abusers.

If you’re an abuse survivor, this site is for you, regardless of the form of abuse.  There is no stigma here.  You are not responsible for the abuse done to you.  There is life after darkness.  God holds the hands of time and the days of our lives are determined by Him, not those who claim to know Him or those who believe they are above Him.  If He’s drawn you toward Him, seek out His people for help.  Click on the members tab to join this site.  Email Lisa if you need a referral or counseling.  Listen to the podcasts and investigate some of the other teachers Lisa has posted on the site.  Each was selected because their teachings or inspiration has been found to be key in helping survivors in their healing journey and spiritual growth.  And know that you are not alone.  Most believers, survivor or not, can use those same teachings and referrals.  Your “Stuff” may seem insurmountable, but you’re a Survivor.  You are strong.  And one day, the enemy and the world will know your strength and the truth you carry.

There is a section of this site being built just for SRAs.  It will have podcasts created by Lisa themed directly to them.  It will have separate forums where you can post questions for her or other survivors registered on the site.  And it will have a chatroom specifically for SRAs, open 24 hrs, so during those “long nights of the soul” you can reach out to any others unable to lay to rest that night.

There is another section being created as a resource just for caregivers of SRAs.  God has called some people to provide for, and minister to those being saved out of the dark cabal.  They often put their own lives on hold and at risk to help those God has placed in their charge.  The section for Caregivers will address many of their needs with the same forum, chat and referral platforms.  Lisa will be sharing much with these warriors to assist them in their missions of mercy.  If you’re a caregiver for an SRA, please feel free to email Lisa with any questions or to ask for teachings on any topic you feel would most greatly assist you.

Feel free to enjoy our site.  Click Here to go to the page with resources just for abuse survivors. Those who are caregivers for SRAs or survivors can Click Here to go to your resource page. You can read the forums and posts, enjoy the articles or listen to the podcasts without registering.  But in order to post to forums or participate in the chat, you must register.  THERE IS NO CHARGE to register for this site.  All you need to do is provide an email.  No other personal information is needed.  We don’t ask for your legal name or address and no emails are ever shared or sold.  The email address is so you can be notified of posts to any forums you’re involved in, or to identify you as a legitimate user in the chat rooms.  Should you want to contribute more than forum posts down the road, email us with a link to some of your podcasts, teachings or music so we can explore how the Lord can use us all to benefit one another.

This ministry is the Lord’s.  We expect it to grow with contributors and consider it a “Kingdom Resource” for the whole body of believers.  We appreciate the input of any believer with truth to offer in this day and age.  Feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, questions, or to share your message and ministry!

Together, we can be vessels of God’s light and love in a world desperate to know both!