Stacey Abrams and the Council

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    • April 19, 2023 at 5:11 am #627

      A client spoke of a woman who attended a meeting of the Dark Cabal, AKA The Council, AKA Bilderberger Group in 2018. This woman seemed to arrive uninvited and was about to be escorted from the hotel where the meeting was held, when two high ranking members entered the encounter. One of the men greeted her affectionately and he and his associate led her to a side room. Activity had ceased when this woman appeared and slowly re-commenced once she and her two escorts exited the hall. She and they re-entered the hall about an hour later and she was paraded on the arm of a Council member like royalty for the rest of the evening. She seemed to enchant all who spoke with her, although their enchantment seemed stressed, as if they were operating under orders, as opposed to actually wanting to accept this interloper.

      There have been a few times it seemed a lower level politician or person of import crashed such a meeting. Within scant years, those virtual unknowns were propelled to positions of great power. Such persons in the past have been Tony Blair, Barak Obama and both Clintons. This time it was Stacey Abrams, from the state of Georgia. She has now made her intention to run for president someday public, although she has no record of ever having done anything to even warrant her being in the positions she already holds. Look for a bid for VP in the next 5 yrs from this unknown and check out her agenda online. Word is the powers that be are looking for another woman of color to fill the VP slot and Harris has been too big a disappointment to re-elect.

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